We’ve received word that RIM is working on a new device codenamed BlackBerry Orlando. The Orlando will have an almost identical form factor as the BlackBerry Sedona/Apollo that we showed you before. However, the Orlando will have a touchscreen, think of it as a ‘mini-Bold Touch’. Basically, the Orlando will be a higher-end version of the Sedona/Apollo. This could put the Orlando in the same ‘Curve Touch’ category as the BlackBerry Malibu. As we’ve seen, the Malibu will be a full touchscreen device. Of course, the Orlando will include a physical keyboard.

It is interesting that the Orlando was not mentioned in the leaked roadmap we saw. Its release may be pending, but we do know it is a current project. We expect the BlackBerry Orlando to come with OS 6.1 and we’re hoping it won’t be the  ‘Lite’ version you’ll see hit the Sedona/Apollo. Would you be interested in a ‘Curve Touch’ with the classic physical Curve keyboard?