With BlackBerry’s global OS 10.3.1 roll out starting today, many of our readers noticed within the press release that North America wasn’t mentioned at all for some reason.

“Subject to carrier approvals, BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.3.1 will be rolling out to customers around the world, starting today in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific, and will be available for the entire line of smartphones running BlackBerry 10.”

We reached out to BlackBerry for clarification and apparently this is the case because North American carriers are taking a lot longer to verify these updates than others around the world. While we don’t know specific dates, BlackBerry says these updates will pop up over the “coming weeks” in Canada, U.S., and Mexico. So if you’ve yet to get notified about the update, now you know why.

That doesn’t mean all carriers and all devices will get the update at the same exact time either. Rogers, for example, updated the Z10, and Q10 to 10.3.1 today, while the Passport’s update will be launched in March. Each device within a carrier can get the update at different intervals and how long that’ll take is anyone’s guess.

Also, don’t forget, if you got your BlackBerry from ShopBlackBerry.com, you’ll get your update directly from BlackBerry when they push it out.

Basically, if you haven’t gotten the 10.3.1 update yet, don’t freak out. It’s coming. Unfortunately, carriers are still an annoying part of the updating process, so patience is still a virtue.