If you’re a frequent follower of BlackBerry news, you’ll know that the upcoming new OS from RIM was labeled as OS 6.1, only a small decimal away from the recent OS 6. We are going to see OS 6.1 bring new advances in the BlackBerry platform with things like NFC, magnetometer, liquid graphics, and more as shown at DevCon Asia. Rumor has it that RIM is completely dropping OS 6.1 and jumping straight to OS 7, but QNX will not be involved.

The more we think about this, the clearer our software roadmap we showed you becomes. As it listed OS 7 integration beginning in September of 2011. The theory is that the next devices may have hardware much different than current BlackBerrys, which means OS 6.1 wouldn’t have been able to be ported over, despite it being a decimal away. Whichever the case may be, we’ll be interested to see RIM’s possible announcement at BlackBerry World and their reason for the change. Does this mean the QNX hybrid we’ll see for smartphones be pegged at OS 8?

via CB