We’ve come across a bit of news that’s pretty exciting. Even though several people think otherwise, It seems as though BlackBerry 10 devices are outselling all the competition in France. Seeking Alpha did a little research on the sales at one of the top selling mobile stores that has a wide variety of mobile devices, and both the Q10 and Z10 were excelling more so than HTC, Samsung, and even Apple.

Seeking Alpha always goes an extra mile and a half when it comes to reports on how well a product is doing, and they didn’t stop this time. There have been conflicting reports all over the web concerning BlackBerry sales, with some saying they are excelling and others saying the demand is lacking. SA took matters into their own hands and conducted some research at SFR┬áby sorting all the mobile devices based what was selling the most units.

The Q10 came out on top, above the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, and the iPhone 5 (which didn’t show up until page 3). The author speculates that the success is probably due to the fact that the Q10 is still fairly new to market, but then points out that the Z10 is also outselling the iPhone 5.

A very interesting report, to say the least. What are your thoughts on these results?