There are near daily doom an gloom articles and analysis, which paints a dark picture for BlackBerry sales.

While BlackBerry sales may be struggling in key markets around the world, BlackBerry is still succeeding in one: Toronto, Canada.

This data was aggregated over the past six months from independent wireless retailers serviced by iQmetrix, a Vancouver-based firm that provides retail management software to such retailers across North America.

iQmetrix, which based its figures on sampled data from 15,000 stores in North America, shows BlackBerry devices accounted for 23% of sales in Toronto between December 2013 and May 2014. This amounts to 29% of the company’s overall sales in Canada and the U.S.

Samsung, however, dominated with 35% of sales in the city, while Apple only managed to garner up 20%.

How did BlackBerry do in other cities around Canada? Not quite as well. In Montreal, the company lagged behind LG. In Vancouver, BlackBerry only captured 9% of sales, while Samsung garnered 35% and Apple 22%.

Some have speculated the reason for BlackBerry doing so well in Toronto is due to the city being a hub for business professionals.