Here is a bit of uplifting news, should RIM’s current market cap status have you a little down. In the UK, BlackBerry has taken over the crown for top phone, as iPhone sales slumped in Q3. Nokia also faced a decline in the UK. Collectively, shipments declined 7 per cent to 5.3m units with a mixed performance from the major vendors, according to statistics from abacus fondlers Canalys.

“Clearly there was a big change in volumes with Apple and Nokia accounting for the vast majority of the declines but some of that deficit was made up by the likes of Samsung and HTC,” said Canalys senior analyst Tim Shepherd.

Apple sales fell 26 per cent to slightly under 1.2 million handsets. This matched BlackBerry shipments, despite falling 2%. Shepherd says that customers this year kept their wallets in their pockets as they anticipated a next-gen iPhone model that turned out to be only the refreshed iPhone 4S.

Do you think BlackBerry sales will continue to stay consistent or will they slide? Will BBX be the savior for the platform elsewhere in the world?

via Register