In the latest OS leak, a new security feature has been found. It appears RIM will soon be rolling out a new Parental Control feature for BlackBerry 7.1 devices. The new BlackBerry Parental Controls allows you to control what phone features and apps are accessible.

For instance, you can limit access to:

  • Phone, with ability to limit incoming calls based contacts
  • Text messages
  • Bluetooth file transfer
  • Location services
  • Browser
  • BlackBerry App World
  • Email account setup
  • Camera
  • BBM, Facebook, and Twitter

After you’ve selected what can and cannot be accessible, you get to set a 4-digit passcode. Then if the user attempts to access either function that was not enabled, they receive an “is blocked” message.

The BlackBerry Parental Controls looks to be a really great feature offering a solution unlike any other mobile platform. We’re eager to see its full official release and hear more on it from RIM. Until then, you can check out our leaked OS section to find OS for your device, should you be interested in installing.