Long before the BlackBerry Passport was officially announced, rumors spread that the device would feature a mammoth battery. It was later rumored that the Passport would sport a 3450 mAh battery.

Today, BlackBerry has confirmed the Passport’s battery and claims, “No other smartphone or phablet on the market today has a battery that large.”


BlackBerry says the Passport battery life will have enough to keep you going throughout the day and enough for you to rock out with music on the commute home.

When BlackBerry released OS 10.2.1 with the Z30, it featured “BlackBerry Natural Sound” technology. This technology made BBM calls sound quality much more crisp and clear. The Passport will have four microphones. BlackBerry intends to expand the Natural Sound feature to normal phone calls.

BlackBerry says the four microphones “help adapt the audio levels in real time to the ambient environment and position of the phone relative to your ear. This is, in part, how Natural Sound provides a dynamic and clear audio experience for you AND the other caller.”

How does that work? BlackBerry says “that one of the four microphones is placed in the receiver port to detect the ear position relative to the phone in order to adjust the sound accordingly. The aim is to provide an experience that is as close to an in-person conversation as possible.”