BlackBerry will be releasing the Passport very soon, but until then, more and more details we didn’t know about the device are emerging online. Twitter user @halobandit apparently has a Passport, and has been posting a ton of pictures showing off the device. One of these caught my attention, and can be seen above. The SIM, and microSD card slots will be located on the top of back plate which can be removed for easy access.

The most interesting thing about this though is what type of SIM the Passport will be taking.

Up until now, every BlackBerry device made – including the Z3 – takes a microSIM, but it seems that’s all changing with the Passport as it will be taking a nanoSIM instead. In case you’re not familiar, nanoSIMs are pretty much the standard now in the U.S. and many other countries around the world for all high-end Android devices, as they began to be adopted since Apple first added it on the iPhone 5 two years ago.


NanoSIMs are smaller than microSIMs, which can be a little annoying for users that switches devices a lot, but they also use up less space on a device which can be great for any hardware manufacturer that may need to arrange or move parts around on a specific device.

Bringing nanoSIM support to the Passport is the right thing to do. It has be come the industry standard and since BlackBerry’s Passport will be the most innovative device of 2014, it’s no surprise it’ll have support for all the latest and greatest, including nanoSIMs.