The geniuses over at BerryFlow posted a rather interesting photo today that shows the highly anticipated BlackBerry Passport purportedly to support 4K video recording.

They heard the news from Twitter user @Dhabkirk, and while it won’t be available when the phone is released in the next couple of months, rumor has it that the support will come with BlackBerry 10.3.1.

With every developing bit of information that I see on the controversially designed Passport, I’m slowly but surely getting extremely excited to get this phone in my hands. While I personally don’t see the need to record in such high quality on my mobile device, it’s extremely encouraging to see that BlackBerry isn’t playing games when it comes to the horse they’re putting in the specs race.

What are your thoughts on recording 4K on your BlackBerry? Drop me a comment below and let’s start a discussion!

Source :

BerryFlow , Twitter