Last week, it was announced that we would conduct our own series of durability tests on the BlackBerry Passport.

Until now, we’ve seen only a brief video showcasing the Passport dropped from 5 foot height, with minimal damage. And a quick bend test from a Bloomberg news anchor.

Over the weekend my brother and friend assisted me in brutally forcing the beautiful Passport through some grueling durability tests.

First, I had my brother, who was signed by the Kansas City Royals, to try and throw the Passport from home plate to second base. We then dropped the Passport down a 20+ foot cliff from a sink hole on the side of a volcano.

In the end, we felt obligated to obliterate the Passport and really push it’s boundaries in terms of durability. Nevertheless, check out all of the action and see just what the Passport is made of in the video above.

Here’s some photos from the aftermath: