BlackBerry’s Passport hasn’t been shy from the camera lately. We’ve gotten our hands full of various photos sizing up the device.

The latest round of new photos show the Passport next to the Canadian Passport. From the photos you can see it is nearly the exact same size, befitting to its name.


The BlackBerry Passport is such a massive QWERTY smartphone that it is almost half the size of the BlackBerry PlayBook:


The Passport’s owner says the following about the device:

“Overall the device is VERY snappy via the OS 10.3 build and quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor. 453 ppi display is crystal clear and looks especially incredible when viewing HD videos. The 13MP camera seems to point and shoot extremely quickly and accurately. In terms of hardware, I would pit the device up against a Note 3/4 as I am quite happy with how it holds up against current gen flagship devices. Aesthetics in terms of the new flat layout of the OS I feel is very very nice, I mean, even my iOS and Android loving colleagues very much approve. Everything appears to be a win in my books just slap the Amazon app store in there and I think we have something here… The only caveat almost ANY of my phone-junky colleagues could mention was the shape of the device, in all truth though it grows on you. Oh and before I forget the capacitive keyboard is surprisingly nice and was given an “innovative bonus” from the colleagues.”

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