BlackBerry has made it a habit to release region specific keyboards for some of their larger demographics. Specifically, QWERTY devices in the United Arab Emirates normally have two sets of lettering, white English letters and Arabic symbols.

With the forthcoming release of the BlackBerry Passport it seems this trend will continue. Pictured below you’ll see a close up of the Passport’s 3 rows of keys, alongside traditional lettering you’ll notice in a soft orange, the Arabic symbols.


While BlackBerry doesn’t do this for every region, it’s great to see the dedication to their markets. Indonesia got a special Jakarta Edition Z3 on pre-order and keeping with tradition, the Passport will sport the specialized characters for potential buyers in that locality.

I’m still very eager to see the price point the device comes in at. And while we all are pumped about the Passport, let’s not forget both the Classic and Z3+ (Z3 LTE) are still on the road map.

Exciting times ahead, let’s hope the UAE market takes to the Passport with open arms.