As the release for the BlackBerry Passport inches closer and closer, the leaks haven’t stopped. Someone with a BlackBerry Passport is sending out photos they’ve taken of the device.

As you can see from the photo, this BlackBerry Passport is rocking a silicone skin case. We’re unsure if it is OEM or some cheap case from China. Nonetheless, the case is quite thin, which won’t add any more bulkiness than what the Passport already boasts.

We also get a look at the camera view on the Passport. You can see, as expected in OS 10.3, there will be the Panorama mode.

The Passport in this photo is apparently running an old build of OS 10.3, which is why it shows the red accents throughout the UI. However, know that the final builds will have the standard blue.

Will you rock a case on your BlackBerry Passport? I’ll like mine naked. Imagine the beastliness the device would be like with an Otterbox Defender slapped onto it.