If you’ve been doubting the pictures of the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition running Android Lollipop for fear they’d be fake, we now have video proof of this actually working. The video comes to us courtesy of Dudu Rocha Tec., and while it’s in Portuguese, you should get the gist of what’s being shown off on it.

This specific Passport SE is running Android 5.1 and is just handling Android like a complete boss. As we all know, the Passport’s 3GB of RAM can take on BlackBerry 10 pretty smoothly, and the same seems to translate to the world’s most popular OS as well. Not only are the internals working well with Android, but as the Passport’s touch-friendly keyboard looks to work seamlessly with it. This is yet another reason why this device could compete against the high-end Android smartphones out there right now, and why BlackBerry needs to bring this to market as soon as possible.


Check out the full video above (the good parts start at 4:59) and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Also, if you speak Portuguese and want to give us a translation of the video, drop in the comments too!

Thanks, Justin!