We got a chance to check out the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition, and I have to be honest, it’s a really nice device. While not much has changed since we exclusively revealed the first pictures of the device back in June, the Passport Silver Edition is definitely a great looking phone. Even though many – myself included – don’t quite understand the reasoning behind launching pretty much the same device with a few cosmetic changes, that doesn’t mean the Silver Edition Passport can’t stand on its own against the competition.

The BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition feels and looks extremely high-end. It feels so nice in the hand that I’d be willing to say it makes the older Passport feel a little cheaper by comparison. If you told me that the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition was a Porsche Design device, I would believe you. That’s the type of premium product BlackBerry has put out there with this phone.

The stainless steel frame makes the SE a little heavier than the AT&T Passport, but if you’re using it with two hands it shouldn’t be too bad to hold. Since it is a Passport still, there will be no one-handed use of this device unless you have gigantic hands.

Typing on the Passport has so far been a pleasant experience. It’s not easy if you’re going from a standard smartphone to a ‘Work Wide’ device, but the keys feel really good, and you pick up speed fairly quickly.

The back of the device is another big aspect that was redesigned on the Silver Edition. The smooth, smudge-magnet back plate has been replaced with a diamond weave pattern for extra grip and comfort. The camera and flash have also been redesigned. The placement and look of both is so much better than previous versions. The camera sticks out a tiny little bit, but it really shouldn’t be enough to bug you or make a noticeable difference when putting the device flat on its back.

The BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition might not blow you away if you already have a Passport or another BlackBerry 10 device, but it’s definitely going to make an impression if you’re coming over from a competing platform. Check some of the pics below and the hands on video above and stay tuned for more!