Samsung has been on the forefront of flexible displays. However, BlackBerry looks to be making some of its own similar innovations.

BlackBerry 10 devices are slowly creeping out this year. We have the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 already, with the mid-tier Q5 on the way. However, what about a slider?

There were rumors of an M-Series, which would be a BlackBerry 10 slider. Though, it was swiftly put on hold. A new patent from BlackBerry looks to touch on a new envision manner for a slider.

The patent reveals a smartphone that “will be able to maintain a minimum bend radius of the folded flexible display when the smartphone is in the closed configuration…”

The initial design as outlined in the patent doen’t look entirely user friendly. However, the patent could be used for something slightly different, as the final products rarely look anything like the patent figures.

Check out the fuller detailed description below. Would you be interested in a folding display for a BlackBerry smartphone?


via PatentBolt

Thanks James!