Patents can sometimes be an indicator of future products that may one day be tangibly realized. Or, can be used to generate licensing revenues should another company want to create something similar.

Some BlackBerry users are slider diehards. There was rumored to be a BlackBerry 10 slider codenamed ‘Milan’, but it was put on hold and has yet to come to fruition.

However, a newly filed patent reveals a new “Storable Keyboard Having Variable Angular Orientations” as shown in the picture above.

Here’s the abstract explanation for the design of the slide-out keyboard:

A keyboard moves between a stored position in a housing and a deployed position. The keyboard automatically has a first angular orientation with respect to the housing when in the stored position and a second, different angular orientation with respect to the housing when in the deployed position. The first angular orientation can comprise a substantially parallel orientation between the stored keyboard and the housing. The second angular orientation can be an angle from about five degrees to about forty-five degrees between the deployed keyboard and the housing’s longitudinal axis. The apparatus can further include a tray. This tray slides in and out of the housing in order to move the keyboard between the stored position and the deployed position. One end of the keyboard can hingeably couple to the tray. The housing can include at least one slot to receive a keyboard post and guide movement of the tray.


Could this newly patented keyboard be a sign of what may come? Will BlackBerry soon release a BlackBerry 10 slider? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.