During the holidays of 2009 we told you that we had received “confirmed” word on a new low-grade BlackBerry Pearl in development. We had nothing to show for, except for you to take our word that the information was and is correct. If patent images are enough to seal the deal for your trust, then let it be settled by the image above of the aforementioned Pearl. 

Here is what we previously wrote:

The new Pearl will be focused on those who want a simple phone, but
still want the great experience of a BlackBerry with the push e-mail,
etc. The keyboard will be completely different with only 12 or 14 keys.
Basically, there will only be the 0-9 and * # keys that will house
three letters on each number key. RIM wants to make the new Pearl
appealing to those who want a less “confusing” BlackBerry.

It will be interesting to see how well this device does in a whole new market for Research In Motion. Could it draw in more interest for other BlackBerry devices? Perhaps this is the plan up RIM’s sleeve.