Imagine you’re on a vacation with your young kids and you’ve got your BlackBerry (of course). You want to let your kids have fun, run around, and even take their own pictures while you savor the moment.

What about their very own BlackBerry device of their own?  We’re not talking about a full-on BlackBerry Curve or anything expensive like that, but a camera linked to your BlackBerry device. With lots of funny and cool filters, your kids would have hours of fun.  An integrated GPS would let you know exactly where your kids are so you don’t lose them (you should still keep an eye on them at all times).  The device would also be able to take videos as well.

This a concept from Yankodesign which actually has been developed in collaboration with RIM.

With a super-simple interface that no kid could resist, it could be a hit.  Full control of the BlackBerry Peer would be in the hands of the parent at all times.  Charging by Micro-USB and wireless syncing with your actual BlackBerry device would allow you receive any of the pictures taken.

The BlackBerry Peer is still in the development stages at the moment, but it would be great to see it appear on retail shelves in the future.

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Source:  YankoDesign