Here’s a neat concept PlayBook 2 Design that popped up in our forums. It shows a next generation tablet UI and design (reminds me of a super-sized Z30). This is a great look at a potential BlackBerry could have if they brought an enterprise perfected tablet for business and corporate uses. Apple iPads may have the apps, but a secure tablet running a newer tweaked version of the BB10 OS could have some positive results.

This tablet concept brings all the goodies a concept design should. App switching and the app grid are integrated to make use of the large display. As well the tablet is decked out with all kinds of goodies like BlackBerry Natural sound, 4 microphones, etc. Here’s a full spec breakdown:


What are your thoughts on such a tablet? I like the 4GB of ram, and quad-core SOC.
Side note: Taking photos with this device would be pretty hilarious.