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The BlackBerry platform is the most popular mobile brand in EMEA, with RIM just announcing over 1 million new subscribers in less than 3 weeks. As such, Renault, a well known French auto manufacturer, has taken the BlackBerry PlayBook and integrated it into the new FRENDZY concept car.

The dashboard features the new Blackberry PlayBook, ideal for the working day, providing information about deliveries as well as access to the internet.

The BlackBerry PlayBook integrates into the centre console, automatically configuring itself to the Renault environment. The Playbook can also be used to control the exterior screen. Sensors located on each door log loading and unloading of packages automatically, using RFID chips which can contain data such as delivery names and address, weights and dimensions, in combination with the Blackberry PlayBook, users have an up to date inventory of items.

It will be great to see if this concept car becomes a reality for Renault. We’ve seen the PlayBook get integrated in a Corvette for a QNX demo. Perhaps, more auto manufacturers will begin implementing the PlayBook for managing their vehicles.