Research In Motion has been actively promoting the BlackBerry PlayBook and showing it around. Developers got another peak at the PlayBook at today’s “Meet The BlackBerry PlayBook” event in NYC. The PlayBook is really starting to look like a strong contender in the battle of the tablets. Check out the highlights and video below, let us know if you still think the PlayBook is looking good.

  • The entire bezel is used for navigating. Swipe the sides to get around system-wide. The top is available for specific actions within applications
  • Media playback is amazing. Start music in the media app (or Pandora/Slacker?) and drop it to the background as it continues to play. Same goes for videos as they will continue to play in the background when minimized
  • There are “views” much like BlackBerry 6 for navigating that can be swiped through
  • Swipe to move between views and apps, flick up to exit an app
  • Looks like you can open the keyboard by swiping up from the bottom left on the bezel

On a BlackBerry? Click here for mobilized video

via BGR