During the recent earnings call, where Research In Motion executives discussed their Q3 financial report there were comments made, which suggest the BlackBerry PlayBook will not release until March.

While an official launch date was never announced, many carriers did let a February 2011 date slip out. RIM’s executives made comments stating that we, “shouldn’t expect to see RIM receiving income from the PlayBook until after February.”

If the release date of the PlayBook does get pushed back, there could be serious implications. The Apple iPad2, which has already drawn large amounts of hype, is set to release in April. This could become, and likely will be, a head-to-head sales battle that RIM does not need. Apple is a very aggressive company, so it will be interesting to see how hard they push in marketing the iPas2.

Do you think releasing the BlackBerry PlayBook near the Apple iPad2 release date will have an effect on PlayBook sales?

via CrunchGear