We’ve seen a few things popup for the OEM keyboard with case for the BlackBerry PlayBook. For some reason, RIM has been very sluggish in getting it released. Nonetheless, we’ve stumbled on a spec sheet for the case, which gives an MSRP price point ($119) and some other goodies. Additionally, it turns out TheSource looks to be offering pre-orders on the bluetooth keyboard, with an expected ship date of March 23rd. Here’s what RIM says are the ‘unique selling propositions’ for the case:

Powerful multi-touch control

  • Use the touchpad to navigate and control PlayBook

Portable productivity

  • View 100% of your screen while typing
  • Three products in one – keyboard, integrated touchpad and case
  • Easy to carry – same size and shape of BlackBerry PlayBook,
  • Improved Data Entry- The touchpad enables greater precision and improved navigation

Powered and ready when you need it

  • Charge your keyboard with your PlayBook charger
  • Keyboard will last up to 30 days on a single charge!

Keep your data protected

  • Features 128bit encryption