We knew a big update for the PlayBook’s OS was right around the corner. All signs, rumors, and even RIM pointed to native e-mail, BBM, and more this summer. However, we learned at yesterday’s earnings call that the ‘big update’ has been pushed back to October/November (sometime after DevCon). We were given a few glimpses of features in PlayBook OS 2.0 with a few leaked screenshots. However, not all features have yet been revealed. Here is a breakdown of what we already know and a few new features we’ve been told will be available with PlayBook OS 2.0:

  • BBM on PlayBook (attached to PlayBook’s PIN)
  • Native E-mail client
  • Extended Android app player (not a sandboxed variation!)
  • BES support (not integrated, separate software and will utilize ActiveSync)
  • Use BlackBerry smartphone as a remote control on the PlayBook (mouse, pointer for powerpoints, etc.)
  • PlayBook administration service support
  • Loads of bug fixes
There is not a definitive launch date for PlayBook OS 2.0. RIM announced during the earnings call that they will show off the PlayBook’s ‘big update’ at DevCon and users can expect it sometime thereafter. It is also likely that we will see the 4G PlayBook available around the same time pre-loaded with the new OS build. Are there any features you’d like to see implemented into the upcoming ‘big update’? Let us know in the comments.