Earlier today at BlackBerry DevCon 2011, RIM showed us some of the new features coming soon to the next iteration of the PlayBook’s operating system. RIM announced PlayBook OS 2.0 and released a beta build for developers. We’ve registered our PlayBook’s PIN and have booted up PlayBook OS to ‘use to develop’. RIM usually makes you register all of your information before downloading a developer issued anything, but to our surprise, even non-developers can access the PlayBook OS 2.0 beta.

If you’re a consumer, I highly recommend not downloading this beta. It is a bit buggy and BlackBerry Bridge is currently broken. Therefore, you won’t be able to access BBM, Calendar, e-mail, etc. So far, the majority of the apps I had previously installed are working just fine. If you’re a developer and haven’t registered your PlayBook with RIM to download PlayBook OS 2.0 beta, do so here. Check out our PlayBook OS 2.0 hands-on video below and let us know what you think!


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