You’re likely sad that PlayBook OS 2.0 wasn’t released officially this summer as previously promised. Sure, there is a developer version out right now, which has been downloaded by some non-devs. Although, that beta version is very buggy and lacks BlackBerry Bridge (yes, I’m aware of the workaround). A friend, who is familiar with the matter on the OS 2.0 project, filled me in on one of the reasons the consumer version was postponed. There simply weren’t many Android apps available. Likely, due to the tools to seamlessly port Android .APK files into PlayBook OS .BAR files was only openly available until DevCon 2011. As a result, this is one of the reasons RIM bit the bullet and decided to wait on releasing the official PlayBook OS 2.0 until there is a decent catalog of Android apps.

RIM has had developer days across North America to show Android developers how to get their apps onto the PlayBook platform. We’re not sure if there hasn’t been a lot of interest or the process to approve the apps is taking longer than expected. Nonetheless, we’d hope a lot of the apps become available over the course of 4 months until PlayBook OS 2’s official release in February 2012. We also expect to see native PIM apps, some TAT cascades and more (which also contributed to the delay). What do you feel is more important, native email or Android apps?