So far we’ve gotten an early glimpse of PlayBook OS 2.1 in the beta. We’ve also seen that the 4G BlackBerry PlayBook may be releasing by July 31st. It looks likely that PlayBook OS 2.1 will be releasing the same time the 4G PlayBook becomes available. Some new features will be available, with some being available only on the 4G PlayBook. Here’s a look at some of the new features:

  • Software updates are no longer mandatory during setup. The customer can choose the best time to update for them.
  • Setting Up WiFi connection is no longer mandatory at setup
  • Software updates can be done over a cellular network (4G models only)
  • Portrait Mode can now be used with the Email, Calendar, and Contacts App
  • Greater flexibility and control over which folders are wirelessly synced when using Active Sync
  • Full access to IMAP Email folders
  • The BlackBerry PlayBook now gives you the ability to conduct a video chat over 4G Cellular Networks (Some Carrier Restrictions May Apply)
  • Print To Go – Now you can send content to your BlackBerry PlayBook even if it’s not connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Android Apps will now run in individual windows rather than being lumped into one Android Player Window.
  • Apps which require access to the camera are now supported
  • In-App Payments can now be submitted. Buying that next power-up in your game is easier than ever!
  • Video Store is now available in Canada. Thousands of movies and TV shows, new & old, available on demand to rent or buy New releases available same day as DVD
  • Text Messaging is now supported with BlackBerry Bridge. When Bridged you can read, send and receive text messages on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.
  • When Bridged, and connected to WiFi, the BlackBerry PlayBook automatically sends and receives data over the WiFi network to decrease cellular data usage, and increase performance.

Most likely some of these features will make their way into BlackBerry 10. Sadly, it does not look like native BBM will be present in 2.1, but you’ll be able to look forward to it in BB10. Nevertheless, are you excited to load up PlayBook OS 2.1?

via CB