It has been about a month since the first release of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS SDK for Adobe AIR. Now RIM has now pushed out the Beta 2 release for all aspiring or current developers to play with.

Some of the new features include:

  • BlackBerry OS UI Component bug fixes: Some tweaks were made to the API to make it better for you, and some beta bugs were fixed as well.
  • Windows 64-bit support: The installers now work in Windows 64-bit.
  • Linux support: Simulator and BlackBerry OS SDK for Adobe AIR now supported on Linux. Let’s hear some feedback from the community on this one.
  • Flash Builder 4.5 (Burrito / Flex Mobile ‘Hero’) Support: The plug-in installers will work with either Flash Builder 4.0 or the pre-release version of Flash Builder Burrito from Adobe’s website.

RIM also notes all developers should check out Flash Builder 4.5, which introduces Adobe’s Flex Mobile or ‘Hero’, which is significant as it provides Flex components that have been optimized for mobile. Once the Tablet OS plug-in is installed, you can create a Flex Mobile project that targets the BlackBerry Tablet OS platform. Then drag and drop it.

Head over to www.blackberry.com/developers/tabletos to get your very own copy of the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK v0.9.1 for Adobe AIR and the getting-started guide.

via BB DevBlog