I was hoping RIM would allow for beta testing of either PlayBook apps or the OS itself through Beta Zone or the Test Center in App World. Turns out, RIM may be doing just that with OS v1.0.6 hitting Beta Zone. Some users have reported to receive notification of the new OS preview build now available. Not all users appear to have access to this testing program, as it is labeled as exclusive.

The program also appears to be focused only towards developers, but not all users reported to have received the invite are developers. The invitation details go as such,

“On behalf of Research In Motion®, we are pleased to tell you about an exclusive Preview Program focused on providing developers a chance to test their applications on BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.6. The goal of this program is to ensure that your AIR 2.7 and Flash 10.3 applications are optimized and ready for the BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.6 release. Please read this entire notice, as it contains key information about your participation in this program.

This program is only available to a select group of BlackBerry PlayBook developers; as such we are very interested in hearing your comments and experiences. Since the program will remain open for approximately 1 week, it is crucial to submit all issues and feedback in a timely manner. Please use the programs discussion boards and share your experiences with us. RIM moderators will review.”

if you’ve received this invite, drop us a note on what’s new and how well BlackBerry PlayBook OS 1.0.6 is running!