The anticipation for the release of the BlackBerry PlayBook has begun to snowball. It has been rumored that mainly stores such as Best Buy and DropBox will be the sellers of the PlayBook in the beginning. One carrier is happy to announce when they project they will release the PlayBook.

Telecommunication Services of Trinidad & Tobago (TSTT) is the first carrier to publicly claim they will have the PlayBook. Jay Alvi, TSTT’s executive vice president Enterprise Services, says their release date should be February 2011. TSTT boasts over 60,000 BlackBerry subscribers and seems excited to offer the PlayBook to their clients.

There has been much speculation over the release date for the PlayBook. Many thought the PlayBook was only vaporware. However, RIM has been showing off the PlayBook, which looks like it is almost a completed project. It will be interesting to see if this release date sticks or if the PlayBook will get pushed back. When do you think the BlackBerry PlayBook will launch?

via Guardian