At this year’s GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) we now get to hear more on the BlackBerry PlayBook from co-CEO Jim Balsillie. When the PlayBook was originally unveiled at this past DevCon 2010, some of the PlayBook’s specs were still unknown. However, on some of the slides presented at GITEX, more spec info was announced.

As previously thought, there will be 16GB and 32GB versions of the PlayBook. It has now been unveiled that there will also be a 64GB option available.

The PlayBook will also sport a 5300mAh battery. To put it in comparison, the Torch 9800 only has a 1270mAh battery. If the PlayBook is to run Adobe AIR and Flash, as well as be media-focused, this large battery should hopefully tackle the tasks at hand until the end of the day.

Checkout the keynote from Jim Balsillie at GITEX from the video below:

via TBreak