Just the other day we heard rumors that the release for the BlackBerry PlayBook in the US had been pushed back to April 10th. This had many people disappointed, especially given the fact it would place the PlayBook’s release a month behind the Apple iPad 2.

However, in an interview with Pocket-Lint, RIM’s UK MD Steven Bates, reiterates that “It’s end of Q1 for the US,” and “Europe is Q2… The UK will be one of the early ones” for the release of the BlackBerry PlayBook.  Bates noted that staggered releases have been working well for RIM, adding that “We had one for BlackBerry Torch and it worked quite nicely.” In any case, could RIM still be on target for an end of March release date for the PlayBook in the US? It all depends on your interpretation of what months are in each particular quarter.