BlackBerry Z3, which was announced at Mobile World Congress 2014.

BlackBerry’s OS 10.3.1 update has had some issues as it has rolled out to older in-market devices. As a result, BlackBerry and carriers across the globe have halted the OS 10.3.1 update for Z and Q-branded devices.

MobileSyrup originally reported the decision and cites two carrier spokespeople that confirmed the update has been pulled for now.

From Rogers, “We are aware that some devices had an issue with the recent download of 10.3.1 for the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10. BlackBerry is working towards a solution and we will update our customers as soon as possible. The update is no longer being sent out to our customers.”

From Bell, “The update has stopped, but you should connect with BB directly for more info.”

A Telus internal memo has also leaked on CrackBerry Forums that confirms BlackBerry’s decision to stop the 10.3.1 update for the time being for certain devices.


There’s no official time table for the update to start back up, but the fact that BlackBerry is aware and working on it should give hope to anyone experiencing problems on OS 10.3.1.

We’ve reached out to BlackBerry for comment, and will add any details they provide.