BlackBerry Q10 Battery Charging Bundle

BlackBerry Q10 Battery Charging Bundle

As expected BlackBerry is has released the BlackBerry Q10 Battery Charging Bundle. The Battery Charging bundle for the Z10 is extremely popular so when I saw this bad boy up for sale I jumped on it right away, 1 because I need it for my Q10, and 2 because seeing them in the wild isn’t an easy task. Watch the obligatory unboxing video below.

The BlackBerry Battery Charging bundle comes with a fully charged Battery so buy it and you’re ready to go. I like to use my Z10 Charging Bundle in my pocket when I am at the movies to charge up my phone so when I take it out of my pocket it is fully charged, I do the same on Airplanes. I use it far more to keep my device charged than I do switching batteries.

While at BlackBerry Live this past week These Battery Charging bundles came in handy,  I had the pleasure of chatting with a representative of PixelMags, the makers of BlackBerry NewsStand and while chatting in the beverage line the rep noticed his phone was about to die,  I pulled out my charging bundle from my pocket and let him plug his phone into it while we waited in line, which gave him the juice boots to keep him connected for the remainder of the concert.

This was a regular occurrence through out the week,  and as a result of my always available power boost even some non BlackBerry using attendees told me they purchased the Q10  Blackberry Charging Bundle for their Android devices.

Get the Z10 Charging Bundle at our store


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