BlackBerry has built its success in part by it’s fantastic ergonomically designed devices. The Bold being the best selling line for the company.

BlackBerry is changing their product lineup nomenclature, choosing a more luxurious titling. The Z10 and Q10 were chosen to represent similar tilting used for exotic cars or other high-end products.


When the Bold 9900 was first introduced it featured a stainless steel bezel and weaved metal battery door, which resembled carbon fiber. The BlackBerry Q10 has certainly delivered a similar luxurious feel.

While similar at a quick glance, the BlackBerry Q10 is quite different in terms of aesthetics. Found on the Q10 is still a stainless steel bezel, but in matte black giving it a more fluid look.

The back of the Q10 features similar weaved metal and one large metal fret. The metal fret is raised, which keeps the back from scratching.

The BlackBerry Q10 keyboard is a straight design, instead of the traditional curved design. The keys are 3% larger than the Bold 9900, due to the change. The ends of the metal frets are also flush with the edge of the device. This prevents anything from getting caught on the frets.

Both devices are exceptionally built, but I must say the Q10 feels very solid. For those diehard Bold users, the Q10 line is certainly for you. You’ll feel right at home and have the added benefits of BlackBerry 10 operating system.

The BlackBerry Q10 will be available for an April launch. Developers can begin getting their apps prepared for the new device by getting access to the Dev Alpha C. Keep it locked to N4BB for more Q10 news as it’s launch nears.