BlackBerry is planning to launch the BlackBerry Q20 ‘Classic’ smartphone later this year. However, premier BlackBerry investor Prem Watsa attempted to persuade BlackBerry CEO John Chen to unveil the ‘Classic’ BlackBerry at Watsa’s Fairfax Financial annual meeting.

Discussing non-insurance investments and their booths at the meeting, Watsa says he “may even be able to convince John Chen to raffle a couple of BlackBerry Classics (the Q20).”

Fairfax Financial is hosting its annual meeting on April 9th, 2014 where we all had hoped to receive an early glimpse of the Q20. But, we’ve confirmed it will not be present at the meeting.

We will be attending the annual meeting and in regards to our inquiries about the Q20, Fairfax Financial said, “Looks like it will be released later, so not in time for our meeting.”

The BlackBerry Q20 will be the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone to reintroduce the ‘five button belt’ feature we grew accustom to on legacy devices. BlackBerry plans to have the Q20 release by the end of 2014.