Since our podcast broke the first rumor of BlackBerry seeking further Android development, additional rumors have been running rampant.

The upcoming BlackBerry “Venice” Slider is said to allegedly have some sort of Android OS. Additionally, we exclusively learned of a low-end Android-powered BlackBerry device currently in the works.

To lend credence to the rumors, BlackBerry has enlisted corporate domain name registrar MarkMonitor to register the and .net domain names.

This was a very recent registration, with the domains having just been registered on July 7th. Could this be a solid piece of evidence to show BlackBerry is planning a “Blackphone” competitor?

The BlackBerry “Venice” Slider is expected to release around November 2015, with some impressive specs. There’s currently rumors of two variations of the “Venice,” a BlackBerry OS 10 and Android-powered iteration.

Nevertheless, if domain name registrations are of any value, the signs would point to BlackBerry venturing into a deeper relationship with Google.