In the next few hours BBM will begin to show availability in Google Play and the App Store (in select Samsung App Stores as well). This means that by this time tomorrow BBM should be free to download for everyone. A month after launch BlackBerry has promised some updates for the wait, and intends to advance plans for their cross platform BBM Channels launch to quickly follow the global roll-out of the BBM application to competing platforms.

They’ve set up the launch schedule like a massive line up-you can sign up and await (if you were one of the over 6 million who already have you don’t have to wait) the roll-out of BBM in your country. This is a staggered rollout like before likely starting in the East and ending in the West by tomorrow we should have the full roll-out schedule by region and more details about all the re-engineering BlackBerry did on the fly to get things back up in running.

What’s more 2 million unauthorized users were able to get ahold of the application; the massive demand has been met by new server and database support set to handle the higher than expected demands. Again the app will be free to download for anyone interested in enjoying the superior messaging experience BBM has to offer. More to come, stay tuned.

To start downloading now shoot your Android or iOS web-browser over to BBM.com


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