BlackBerry will reportedly bring back the iconic belt of five function keys that pre-BlackBerry 10 devices had, according to a Globe and Mail report published today. The report cites sources close to the matter that state BlackBerry CEO John Chen will announce the addition to the keyboard tomorrow at Mobile World Congress.

This “belt” that’s being referred to is the composed of the five function keys we had on devices like the Bold 9900, and Curve models. The Call, Menu, Trackpad, Back, and End buttons that compose this belt were loved by most BlackBerry users in their day. With the introduction of BlackBerry 10, these keys were no longer needed as the OS was all gesture based.

If this report is indeed accurate, BlackBerry will surely have to introduce new SDKs for developers to work with, and have access to these new keys, which could present a problem for certain apps. Not to mention this would also completely change the gesture based experience, and fragment how some BlackBerry devices are used vs others.

Do you think it’s a good idea for BlackBerry to bring back the trackpad, and call and end buttons? Sound off below.