There were rumors that BlackBerry was going to chalk things up and switch to Android. Instead, the company decided to build a completely new platform from the ground up. That might have been the right choice.

Android sales are absolutely dominated by Samsung. To put in perspective, Samsung sells about 7 times more Android devices than LG, who is the second largest Android handset maker.

In Q1 2013, Samsung sold 70 million Android devices. Whereas, LG only sold 10 million units. Similar results are seen in Q2 earnings. Where are the other Android OEMs standing?

What about Sony, HTC, and Lenovo? In Q1 2013, Samsung made about 95% of all Android sales. LG made up about 2.5%, which left 2.7% for the rest of the Android OEMs.

If BlackBerry had chosen to use Android, they very well may have ended up in a similar battered position as HTC. Instead, BlackBerry 10 looks to differentiate itself in a market that has been saturated with Android devices. Unless you’re Samsung, using Android just doesn’t look like a good idea.

via ZDNet