A few days ago the Asia Pacific region was hit by a BlackBerry Messenger outage. The service was down in many counties such as Indonesia, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

BlackBerry did not immediately notify or acknowledge that the BBM service was down. Initially, it was thought the outage was only isolated to BlackBerry 10. However, it eventually spread to legacy devices.

The BBM service outage seems to have particularly upset the Indonesian ICT minister, Tifatul Sembiring. He said, “BB sales decline by 70%. I think it had an impact on the quality of service. Essence right now we are open, willing to use BB, whatsapp, free course. Not too attached. Not satisfied with the service, move to another service.”

However, Mr. Sembiring did not give any additional sources for figures reported. It could merely have been a mishap in the “heat of the moment.” Though, we’re waiting for an official statement on the matter, stay tuned.

via TechInAsia