Now that BlackBerry 10 devices are beginning to reach the global market, total sales this quarter should be higher over previous quarters. At least, that’s what National Bank Financial analyst Kris Thompson claims in his latest research note.

Though, Thompson appears to be a BlackBerry bear, claiming the Z10 is “just okay,” and won’t cut it in the highly competitive smartphone market.

Thompson added that he and associates had “become frustrated with the digital keyboard, the slow email and the slow browser,” and that “the battery stinks.”

The analyst questions whether BlackBerry intends to stay in the international market or if they should focus more on the “high-end business power users” in the US with the Q10.

Nonetheless, Thompson predicts BlackBerry will ship a total of 8.2 million smartphones this quarter (including 4 million BB10s). That’s compared to 6 million in the first quarter of the year, and 6.9 million the quarter before. Sales of the Q10 in the US will not be included in the upcoming quarterly announcement on June 28th, since it is not yet available in the country.

Do you think Thompson’s sales figures are correct despite his odd comments regarding the Z10 and BlackBerry 10?

via IT World Canada