Indonesia’s love for BlackBerry is not slowing down! BlackBerry users have only been increasing and they are expected to rise with operators competition and deals. Telkomsel, the biggest mobile phone operator in Indonesia, had 3.5 million BlackBerry users and is aiming for 5 million this year, said Head of Corporate Communications Ricardo Indra. The country’s second-biggest operator, Indosat, has 1.5 million BlackBerry users.

Operators are competing and launching deals and bargains to make BlackBerrys affordable and more accesible to their customers. “We hope with this affordable rate, more people will enjoy Indosat’s BlackBerry services,” said Andrini Novie Hastuti, head of marketing at the Indosat.

RIM predicts that by the year 2015 Indonesia would have 9.1 million BlackBerry users. Analysts expect that the release of the new Curve 9220 will help boost the actual sales.

via Jakarta Globe