BlackBerry’s First yearly conference since changing their name and launching the new BlackBerry10 platform was aptly named BlackBerry Live.  During the BlackBerry Live Keynote many things were shared,  we were wow’d with a live Video Chat from the dashboard of the BlackBerry QNX powered Bentley,  Lewis Hamilton was on stage,  BBM Channels was announces,  BBM is going cross platform, a new headset in a wide range of colours will hit the market named the Q5,  while ALL of these items are worth a story in themselves, The one thing that stuck out the most for me and that I appreciated the most was the  “BlackBerry Global Women’s Initiative” .

We covered it briefly here N4BB- BlackBerry Scholars Program Announced by Alicia Keys at BlackBerry Live 2013. That blurb during the many news stories to come out of BlackBerry live I feel wasn’t enough. This warrants further discussion.

BlackBerry’s Global Creative Director Alicia Keys announcement of the BlackBerry Scholars Program as the first step in BlackBerrys global women’s initiative, deserves more recognition. The BlackBerry Global Women’s Initiative is being designed to inspire more women to enter careers in fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

The BlackBerry Scholars Program is looking for Women who are about to enter their first year of undergraduate study at an accredited Post-Secondary institution.  If you are a woman who has a love for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math you MUST check out this opportunity for a 4 year Scholarship.  If you have Friends who have daughters, or your sister, this is a program that needs to be spoken about.  I love Technology,  and I love seeing it grow. The more women entering the field brings new ideas, new ways of doing things, and hopefully increases innovation maybe in areas what we never even think about as Male techies.

BlackBerry lays out the process to apply simply as such.

Love Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Write an essay on how you’re going to make your mark on the world.

Enter some facts & information about yourself, your financial situation, and your college/university.

Attach an official High School transcript & two recommendations.

Submit for a chance to receive a four-year scholarship award.

That isn’t much to get the chance to have 4 years of Education provided, a Free BlackBerry Smartphone, access to networking opportunities, and Mentoring programs. So get sharing this wonderful program.  There is little over a month left for women who will be entering their first year of Study in the 2013-2014 academic year to apply we need to keep talking about this.


The Deadline to Apply is June 26th 2013, by 5pm EST.