Wearables are possibly the most out there gadgets we have seen in 2014. Google launched Android Wear, and soon after a ton of OEMs got on board to make smartwatches. Apple, recently followed suit with their own Apple Watch. BlackBerry though has decided, rightly so, to keep its focus on smartphones, and the secure high-end services they provide. That’s why it’s a bit surprising to see them land a patent for unlocking your smartphone with a wearable device as they did today.

Bloomberg reported today that BlackBerry has been issued at least 27 new patents by the USPTO and that one of is for a wearable device that would pair with a smartphone to rid the user of the need to input an unlock code to access their device.This could be compared to what we’ve seen Google develop and announce in Android Lollipop, and how you don’t  need an unlock code for your phone when the user is wearing an Android Wear smartwatch.



Now, let’s remember BlackBerry’s John Sims did mention the fact that the company is internally testing BBM out on certain wearables, but aside from that, a BlackBerry smartwatch has not really been rumored or heard of as of yet. Could this latest patent indicate a move in that direction for the company? It’s possible, but don’t hold your breath. BlackBerry holds a ton of patents that cover a range of different possibilities for the company, and most of them are never used at the end of the day.

However, if BlackBerry does go down the road of wearables, a lot of you out there would be on board. According to a poll we ran back in mid-September, almost 70% out of the over 1000 votes cast were in favor of a BlackBerry smartwatch.

So we must ask again, do you want to see a BlackBerry wearable/smartwatch? Let us know in the comments!

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