*UPDATED* According to this statement, Research In Motion said on Thursday that it does not install or authorize its carrier partners to install the Carrier IQ software on its BlackBerry smartphones.

Recently some big news broke out regarding Android phones as they were discovered to be secretly tracking literally everything you would do on them. The culprit was a spying software called Carrier IQ, which is installed by the manufacturers on the phone’s deepest level. The Carrier IQ spyware sits between the user and the applications in the phone. No matter how secure and private your apps are, the spyware intercepts anything you do.

The spying software by Carrier IQ is also on your BlackBerry. It likely functions in the same way it does on Android. Carrier IQ denies some of the allegations and states their spyware is “the only embedded analytics company to support millions of devices simultaneously, we give Wireless Carriers and Handset Manufacturers unprecedented insight into their customers’ mobile experience.”

The only real problem with Carrier IQ’s spyware is it does not just collect anonymous data, it collects everything. It can track the addresses you visited through the browser, the content of text messages, and much, much more. Unfortunately, there is no way to get this spyware off of your BlackBerry. It doesn’t matter how secure of a connection you can put your BlackBerry through, the data is still collected by the spyware and sent to RIM and/or carrier. Carrier IQ’s spyware on your BlackBerry certainly raises privacy concerns since you’re never notified of its existence or given the option to consent on its use.

Check out the video below of the Carrier IQ spyware on an Android:


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