The BlackBerry Curve Sedona has come out for a few more photo snaps. This time we get to see more of its curves and a shot of its backside. Also shown is Verizon Wireless branding, with splash screen at boot up and the classic VZW theme. As rumored, the Sedona is the CDMA version of this next-gen BlackBerry Curve. Hit the break for more images.

The BlackBerry Curve Sedona will have a TrackPad that lights up, just like on the Style 9670.

The backside of the Cure Sedona looks pretty sleek. The battery door is plastic, although it has a nice glossy finish.

All in all, the BlackBerry Curve Sedona is shaping up nicely for the next-gen CDMA Curve. Coupled with OS 6.1 Lite, this device should be an excellent entry level BlackBerry. It’s apparent it should hit Big Red, but will it also make its way to Sprint? What do you think of the Sedona so far?