Today Jefferies analyst, Peter Masike maintained a buy rating and a projected stock price at 22.00$. The reason behind this vote of confidence is the launch of the Q10 and the continuation of good sales for the Z10

To break it down on the Q10 U.K. launch, Misek said it is going well initially with a broader launch expected this week. “Our checks indicate that initial sell-in was 50+ per store and that this initial stock was quickly sold out,” the analyst said. “Salespeople were well-versed on the device and there was more apparent buzz vs. the Z10 launch.”

Checks from the firm also showed that Z10 sales in Canada, U.S., and UK remain steady with no inventory or return issues. There was some mention of better Z10 demand due to new advertising, he said, and Z10 builds are unchanged versus the increase two weeks ago with no signs of cuts.

The good new keep on coming and from our small yet indicative checks we are also hearing that sales of the Z10 are slowly picking up in the US. Time will tell as we wait for BlackBerry’s next quarter results.

So are you picking up a Q10 or a Z10? Sound of in the comments.


Via Street Insider